by Glyn Bailey

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When compared with previous Glyn Bailey albums, it's easy to hear there's been a conscious effort to circumvent the usual 'stylistic' musical approach ... the result is something not so easily pigeonholed. The 'Beholden' band sound is old fashioned yet strangely futuristic in both concept and execution.

Themes of lost treasure (78rpm), a haunted dancehall (Dancefloor - inspired by the Blackpool Tower Ballroom), the shackles of human existence (Chains), the belief that we are all cosmically connected (Stars), and a version of Slade's 70's glam rock stomper Coz I Luv U combine with others to make this work something very special.

The CD version is available exclusively from the artist, with online downloads via Bandcamp, iTunes and all the usual major retailers.

Production and mastering were all handled Stateside by Dave Archer of Last Riff Studios, Cincinatti, USA


released July 16, 2015

Glyn Bailey - vocal, Lizz Beahan - violin, vocals, Phil Senior - guitar, Jamie Singleton - keyboards, John Gardner - bass, Owen Wright - drums


all rights reserved



Glyn Bailey UK

It takes particular life level of experience to produce an album like 2059. Growing up in a shabby sea-side town, absorbing old films and half-digested biographies, various faltering careers (bed salesman, MP's assistant), are the backdrop to his music. Nowadays Glyn can been seen performing live with longstanding musical partner Phil Senior on bass and Lizz Beahan on violin as 'The Beholden'. ... more

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Track Name: 78RPM

As I was going home one day
I passed by a rubbish bay
Among the things they’d thrown away
A pile of shellac caught my gaze

I stopped and took a mooch around
No-one noticed as I dragged them out
I resolved to make them safe
Take them home, investigate

Though left outside in sun and rain
There were no cracks, they seemed ok
When they were dry and all cleaned up
I sat with a cuppa to take a look

There was Paul Robeson and Charles Trennet
Amalia Rodriguez and Danny Kaye
Sophie Tucker and Jean Sablon
At 78RPM

Thought they’d sell in cyber space
Amazing there what people pay
As some of these names were new to me
I read their life stories...

Paul Robeson and Charles Trennet
Amalia Rodriguez and Danny Kaye
Sophie Tucker and Jean Sablon

On an old Dansette I gave them play
As I listened I was blown away
What I heard changed my mind
How could I sell such delights
I wiped away a tear of joy
Put ‘em in the attic with the rest of my toys

And I mused that maybe in twenty fifty nine someone walking home like me might find a copy of this little song...Take it home and put it on...

©2014 GlynB Music
Track Name: Showtune
The Show Tune

Best friend, lover
Tell me what you thought about the show
There’s still time before you go
Talk to me, talk to me
Magic, sensation
The woman in the goldfish bowl
An illusion of a headless girl
All performed beautifully

The cabinet of curiosity
Was such a mystery
How did they do that lover?
No don’t tell me, I don’t need to know
Don’t want to spoil the wonder
Of that freaky show…

Kiss me, lover
What was your best then?
Why don’t you guess then...
Was it the amazing flower girl
Smiling as the petals unfurled…
All pirouettes and twirls?

The Dancing Belles out there on the stage
A teasing flash of flesh, so risqué back then
And did you know we missed the escapology?
There was such a lot to see
You couldn’t do it all in a day
Not one perfect day, lover…

Time now, you should dress now
But wasn’t that our special day?
And the thing for me that will remain
When all these memories fade
Is the smile on your face...

You should go now
He’ll be waiting
He’ll be waiting

©2014 GlynB Music
Track Name: Chains

Each man here has a chain of his own
A chain of his own to wear
Each man here has a chain of his own
And on every link is a deep imprint
Telling how the thing was made
Tradition, tradition, the first link is tradition
The tie as old as it is strong
And links onto the next one along

Each man here wears a chain of his own
Forged as the years go by
Each man here wears a chain of his own
Maybe handed down in the family
A deep imprint upon every link
Telling how the thing was made
Religion, religion, the next link is religion
A tie as old as it is strong
Linked in to tradition

Each man here wears a chain of his own
Which grows as the years go by
Add to it all his deeds great and small
Like a maker's print upon every link
Telling how the thing was made
Nation, nation, the next link is his nation
The link that unites and also divides
As it joins onto the next one along
The next one along is religion
Linked in to tradition

If a man should wish to lose his chain
To lose his chain and be free
If a man should wish to lose his chain
He must look at each link for a flaw or a kink
That is where the chain might break
His mission, his mission, this becomes his mission
To examine each link for the flaw or the kink
A way to be free from his chain

His vision, his vision, this becomes his vision
As he sees that each link has a flaw or a kink
A man can be free from his chain

©2014 GlynB Music
Track Name: The Wedding Song
Wedding Song

We'll remember today for all the right reasons
For the kiss of the sun, in spite of the season
For the star of the show our beautiful bride
The first to prepare, but the last to arrive...

We'll remember today for many splendid things
For the making of vows and the giving of rings
We'll remember today for the pictures we take
For throwing the rice and cutting the cake

We'll remember a day of laughter and fun
For the two who are coming together as one
So eat up the feast, drink the champagne
And when we've all gone away we'll remember today

We'll remember today for humorous features
Of a best man's attempt at one of those speeches
For stuffing our faces and wetting our lips
For a generous haul of wedding day gifts

Yes we'll remember today as a day of excesses
We'll remember those girls squeezed into dresses
Wearing their hats and new shoes too tight
They'll dance in bare feet by the end of the night

We'll remember today whatever may come
Let's drink a toast to everyone
To all present guests and some dear absent ones
Let's be glad and we can say we'll remember today

We'll remember today for the dance of the couple
To their favourite song a smooch and a shuffle
A kiss for the bride in the arms of the groom
And a round of applause from all in the room

Then we'll drink and we'll drink and we'll drink once again
And then when we've done we'll be on our way
And at last they can go on their honeymoon
Not a moment too soon... we'll remember today

©2014 GlynB Music
Track Name: A Night of Memories
A Night of Memories

A night of memories
Old friends gathered
To sing a song or two
Round the piano
A time to entertain
Each one a star
A night of memories the world was ours

A night of company
And celebration
Jokes and conjuring
And recitation
To share these moments, to be a live
A night of memories in '45

A night of memories
War was ending
With luck the boys would soon
Be safe returning
To share our company when peace was won
A night of memories still to come

©2014 GlynB Music
Track Name: The Dancefloor
The Dancefloor

This dance floor the stage for a lifetime of drama
Some great comic moments, a gay panorama
This dance floor has welcomed the great and the good
The ladies, the dandies, who glided the wood

Steeped in the beer, in the tears and the sweat
Burned by the butts of the stubbed cigarettes
Scarred by the heels of thousand stilettos
Haunted at night by the waltzing of ghosts...
Listen, listen...la la la

This dance floor has witnessed some elegant scenes
Warm tender moments of romantic dreams
Nights that could end in testosterone hell
This dance floor has plenty such stories to tell...

Of soldiers and sailors who danced for the nation
And fought with the girls in the faint expectation
Of a ‘heroes farewell’ when walking home after
Alone in the night you can still hear their laughter...
Listen, listen...Ha ha ha

This dance floor survives in a tired old town
A link to its past, a jewel in its crown
Surviving neglect, a fire, a war
Come Saturday night you can still hear it roar...
Na na na

©2014 GlynB Music
Track Name: 2059

Think that your work has all been in vain?
Feeling so down, can't get up again?
So little purpose to this life my friend?
I want you to know what will be in the end
Hold on to this thought, some day it will come
They'll tell of our deeds, the great and the dumb
And join in debate over what we have done
So never give up, it'll come...
We shall have our time in 2059

They'll visit our graves and sing out our praises
May that be comfort whilst pushing up daisies
For late praise is better than none to receive
Though you'll never know it, or hear it, believe...
We shall have our time in 2059

Life is a beach, the culture of man
And if you can leave but one grain of sand
You'll be with the artists, the poets, the dreamers,
Who give to this world the hint of a meaning...
We shall have our time in 2059

©2014 GlynB Music
Track Name: Stars

There are untold galaxies in the Universe
Made up of stars in beautiful swirls
And specs of cosmic dust are planets like ours
Floating round in space
So look to the sky whenever we part
See me there in every star...

We are all of the stars
Wherever we go, no matter how far
All of the stars
Me and Steve Hawking and you

From desert heat to the polar ice
Life is the Earth and Earth is alive
Maybe boy meets girl on countless worlds
In endless time and space
So look to the sky whenever we part
Every twinkling light is a piece of my heart

We are all of the stars
Wherever we go, whoever we are
All of the stars
Me and Steve Hawking and you

And we’re all of the stars
Wherever we go, no matter how far
All of the stars
Me and Steve Hawking
And Doctor Buzz Aldrin and Major Tom Cobley and Rooh

©2014 GlynB Music
Track Name: Universe (Theme from 2059)
It's an instrumental. It goes 'La la la la la la la la la la laaaah' etc.

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